Scenes from Charles Taylor’s Liberia

Liberia’s largest bank in 2000, three years after Charles Taylor took power.

The Eurobank building by Ofir Drori

The entire country was without electricity and running water for years under Charles Taylor, forcing people like this girl to bathe however they could. Ofir risked arrest in the capital by taking photographs.

LIberian girl bathing in the street - Ofir Drori

Without running water, electricity, appliances, or even space most people would call a kitchen, women and girls cook on the street in Liberia. The young girl is pounding cassava.

Cooking Outside in Liberia - Ofir Drori

The lack of water makes doing laundry an arduous task. The women first fetch water from a well, then clean the clothes by hand, and in the process turn washing clothes into a social activity.

Laundry as a social activity - Ofir Drori

The billboard is adorned with a cartoonish scene of bullets flying out of the mouth of a radio broadcaster to kill politicians—the oppressors made into victims.

Words can be more harmful than bullets - Ofir Drori


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